Lehigh 2013

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Song list: 3t Walk With God,220 Morning Star,387 Christmas Hymn,194 Despair – Deep in a cold, a joyless cell ,96t Summer,132 Star in the East,200 Attention,408t Bennington,260b Bowen,253 My Native Land,56 Maryville,243 Balm in Gilead,264b Millbrook,265 Evening Hymn,14 Missionary’s Farewell,13b Bethel,403 Hicks’ Farewell,62 Rapturous Scene,103 Babe of Bethlehem,404t Paradise – I know that my Redeemer lives,279 Miles’ Lane,262 Charlston,305 Tho’ Dark Be My Way,307 Jolly Soldier,239 Voice to the Shepherds,114 Youthful Blessings,260t Conflict,15 Converse,232 Davisson’s Retirement,221 Friendship – Friendship to ev’ry willing mind,428 Psalm 119,214 Northborough,148 Malotten,407 Woburn,294 Anthem from Isaiah 45:3,5t Angel’s Hymn – The lands that long in darkness lay,11 Exultation – Come away to the skies,140b Ten Thousand Charms,6b Lisbon – Welcome sweet day of rest,408b Shepherds Arise,437 Exultation – When the last trumpet’s awful voice,202 Morpheus,207 Friendship – When shall we meet again?,264t Animation,321b Vienna,285 Eternity,186 Worlds Beyond the Sky,115 Complaint – Ah! whither should I go,298b Balloon,310 Wigan,316t Pacolet,171 Catalina,370 Cowling,112 Better Days Coming,121 Hermon,127 Pembroke,170 Amboy,417 Friend,218b Roslin Castle,17 Lord is Great,420t O Turn Ye,363 Constrained by Love,298t Little Marlborough,118 Lochleven,180 Glory Shone Around,205 Marion,450 Lover’s Lamentation,24t Consolation – Once more, my soul, the rising day,388 Judea,254 Pennsylvania – The God of glory sends his summons,371 Landaff,296 Unitia,414b Poole,245 Boston,136 Perfect Love,241t Sinner, Can You Hate the Savior,368 Will You Go,12b Stroudwater,309 Overton

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