The (in)Complete Recordings

May 15, 2014 by

Here are over 400 recordings to help you learn songs from The Shenandoah Harmony. To download a song, click to start it playing and then click “Download.”

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Potomac River Convention 2016 Recordings...

Jan 17, 2018 by

Morning 1 ShH 140t Jehalah (Kelly Macklin)ShH 293 Celestial Watering (Jim Glaser)ShH 21 Tender Thought (Mary Ann Daly)ShH 114 Youthful Blessings (Lucas Husted)ShH 310 Wigan (Bev Yaeger)ShH 264b Millbrook (Tim Slattery)ShH 385 Soda (Nora Miller)ShH 78 Stafford (Matt Roberts)ShH 422 We'll Go On (Brenda Dunlap)ShH 46 Conquering Soldier (Graham DeZarn)ShH 1b Rockbridge (Gillie Campbell)ShH 416 Psalm 136 (Kevin Griffin Moreno)ShH 241t Sinner Can You Hate the Savior (Joni Seidenstein)ShH 184 Sinai (Joel Miller)ShH 80 Pomerania (Claire Chapin)ShH 36 Our Journey Home (Josh Barnett)ShH 3t Walk With God (Kathy Manning)ShH 278 Hauff (Adrian Mariano)ShH 105 Petition (Jessica Keyes)ShH 434t French Broad (John Alexander)ShH 145 Etheridge (Corinne Ducey) Morning 2 ShH 363 Constrained by Love (John Daniel delRe)ShH 15 Converse (Liz Meitzler)ShH 79 Heck (Ben Shirley)ShH 320 Wellington (Julia Seidenstein)ShH 431 North Providence (Robin Bisson)ShH 424b...

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Lehigh All-Day 2016 Recordings

Jan 10, 2018 by

Singing in Bethlehem PA December 2016

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NSV All-Day 2017 Recordings

Jan 9, 2018 by

Morning 1 ShH 070t ImandraShH 080 PomeraniaShH 174 Faithful SoldierShH 149 ReflectionShH 106 Bunker Hill - Why should vain mortals trembleShH 297 Night ThoughtShH 105 PetitionShH 028t Heavenly DoveShH 382 GraftonShH 130 Absent LoveShH 293 Celestial WateringShH 457 Redemption - Glory to God on highShH 125 IslingtonShH 156 Female ConvictShH 28b Peaceful ShoreShH 187 Bright SeasonShH 015 ConverseShH 227 BerneShH 012b StroudwaterShH 145 Etheridge Morning 2 ShH 204 Wake UpShH 333 True HappinessShH 132 Star in the EastShH 364b Stony IslandShH 431 North ProvidenceShH 148 MalottenShH 326b Good Old WayShH 218b Roslin CastleShH 133 Shouting PilgrimShH 288t SavannahShH 254 Pennsylvania - The God of glory sends his summonsShH 096t SummerShH 167 BondageShH 184 SinaiShH 285 EternityShH 062 Rapturous SceneShH 057 New OrleansShH 205 MarionShH 161 Harvest HymnShH 260t ConflictShH 178 EffortShH 012t Liberty HallShH...

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Lehigh Valley All-Day 2017 Recordings...

Jan 8, 2018 by

Morning ShH 077 CollinsShH 108 Amazing GraceShH 264t AnimationShH 103 Babe of BethlehemShH 163 My Brethren AllShH 028t Heavenly DoveShH 183 ParisShH 040 Road's TownShH 381 AbenakiShH 226 Thorny DesertShH 147 River of JordanShH 114 Youthful BlessingsShH 115 Complaint - Ah! whither should I goShH 303 Cumberland - Come all ye happy raceShH 264b MillbrookShH 112 Better Days ComingShH 145 EtheridgeShH 079 HeckShH 101 MadnessShH 336 DevotionShH 431 North ProvidenceShH 069 AlsteadShH 222 Funeral HymnShH 022b Psalm 30ShH 197 Sixty-Five SouthShH 332 Bonnie DoonShH 239 Voice to the ShepherdsShH 300b LivoniaShH 348t Sovereign GraceShH 408b Shepherds AriseShH 403 Hicks' FarewellShH 099 HartfordShH 245 BostonShH 157 NuremburgShH 236t WantageShH 066 Night of the GraveShH 015 ConverseShH 078 StaffordShH 081 Shepherd's StarShH 243 Balm in GileadShH 146 SamanthraShH 266 AustriaShH 120t I Walked AbroadShH 416 Psalm...

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In Memory of John Bayer, Jr.

Jan 11, 2017 by

In Memory of John Bayer, Jr. by Kelly Macklin John Bayer, Jr. passed away on December 8, 2016 just over a year after the death of his wife, Loraine. They are survived by their children, Regina, Hans, and Jubal, and four grandchildren. I first met John Bayer in September 1990 at the United Convention in Chicago (held for the first time out of the South!) My husband, John, and I were new singers and this was one of our first conventions. John Bayer was also a fairly new shape note singer, but I never realized that until much later, as he was a strong, vibrant and enthusiastic singer who seemed as though he had sung this music all his life. He was a bear of a man, with a beautiful, clear tenor who could...

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