Committee picks, part 4: Kelly

Mar 21, 2013 by

  After finally getting to peruse the book in hand, I have renewed my acquaintance with songs we sang months ago. I second many previous picks including 184 Sinai (my favorite fugue), 334 Gethsemane (we opened with this stark, minor Abraham Wood composition for an Easter Sunrise service one year), and 22b Psalm 30 (possibly my favorite song in the book). -Kelly   I also recommend the following: 344 Springfield – this Supplement to the Kentucky Harmony  song by Babcock combines powerful and moving poetry with strong composition and a well-constructed time change. 274 Zion – another fine composition from Daniel Read that we found in the Kentucky Harmony; the words are a powerful part of the experience. 18t Canaan  – this three-part major song is a cheerful, melodic tune from Johnson’s Tennessee Harmony. 130 Absent Love – a stark,...

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