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Our friend Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg invited us to write an article about the forthcoming publication of The Shenandoah Harmony. The result appears in the newest issue of The Sacred Harp Publishing Company Newsletter.  In addition to a brief summary of the project and our progress thus far, we’ve highlighted four of our favorite songs with links to YouTube videos: Chapin’s PSALM 30 (1813), Wyeth & Davisson’s CONSOLATION NEW (1813), Richard Popp’s STONY ISLAND (1994), and Merit Woodruff’s SINAI (1801).  The first two recordings are from the Keystone Convention and the second two are from the NSV All-Day.  Thanks to all of you who helped us sing!  Here’s the article.

About Rachel Wells Hall

Rachel grew up in a family of folk musicians. She first sang shape note music with her mother in the late 1980s in Cincinnati, Ohio, and returned to singing in Philadelphia in 2009. In addition to singing, Rachel plays English concertina, diatonic accordion, piano, fiddle, and tabla. She is an associate professor of mathematics at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.
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