eBookWe are pleased to offer an electronic edition of The Shenandoah Harmony. It is available for $12 or the equivalent in your currency. The ebook is a PDF, so you can save it on your computer, tablet, and/or smart phone. It has everything that’s in the print book, plus additional indices and bibliography, including fuller source and composer information, a chronological index of songs, and a chronological index of texts, with hyperlinks to the songs.

Directions: We have prepared a free 100+ page demo version (below). We recommend using Adobe Reader or any PDF Reader that allows you to type in a page number or follow hyperlinks.  The ebook has been arranged with the songs first so you can easily go to a song by typing in its page number.

  • All blue text is hyperlinked.  On a touch screen, you may have to magnify the page to get the hyperlinks to work.
  • To get started, follow the link on the first page to the Table of Contents.  Please read the Terms of Use.  You can also follow links to all the indices.
  • You can navigate to a song either by entering its page number directly (if your viewer permits) or through the indices, by following the hyperlinks to the song’s page.
  • Most PDF readers have a feature that shows “bookmarks” for the file and these also take you to the various indices.
  • You may also add your own comments to the files – for example, highlighting titles of songs you like – if you have a PDF reader that allows this.

[gview file=”https://www.shenandoahharmony.com/wp-content/uploads/DEMO-Shenandoah-Harmony-ebook.pdf”]


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  1. Howard
    Howard says:

    Thank you for the 84 page preview of your song book. I look forward to meeting with friwnds and singing from it some time soon. Howard

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