bethlehemcityWe had a wonderful weekend at the Lehigh Valley All-Day Shenandoah Singing!  Not surprisingly, a lot of the Christmas songs in our book—in fact, almost all of them—were sung at some point during the weekend.  I’ve put together a Christmas playlist and downloadable CD, “In Bethlehem City.”  Enjoy!  You are welcome to burn CDs for yourself and others.

These tracks are a combination of the large group singing on Saturday and the brunch singing at Dan’s farm on Sunday.  Due to travel plans and the snow and ice storm that struck Sunday afternoon, our numbers dwindled down to five singers by the end of the day.  I’ve added a few Christmas songs from previous singings, plus a solo recording of Tollie Lee from his NSV workshop earlier in the year.  There’s also a special treat—the first ever recording of James P. Carrell’s CHRISTMAS ANTHEM from Songs of Zion, which I discovered earlier this year.

We’d like to thank all the singers who participated in these singings and the folks who organized the weekend and kept us all warm, happy, and well fed.  We’d also like to remember all our friends who were with us in spirit only.  We miss you.

We’d also like to recognize the following composers and arrangers of songs in this playlist:

  • John Brode for his arrangement of the traditional West Gallery SHEPHERDS ARISE (2012)
  • Bruce Randall for FREWSBURGH (2011)
  • The Glen Rock Carolers of Glen Rock, Pa. for letting us use their traditional English-American version of HARK, HARK (© 2012 but dates to the 1840s or earlier)
  • James P. Page for WABASH (1988), his arrangement of an air from Commuck’s Indian Melodies (1845), set to a text by Samuel Longfellow (1864).

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Printable Track List for CD: In Bethlehem City

Burning to an audio CD:  First, unpack the ZIP file—this should happen automatically when you try to open it.  If you have iTunes, drag the mp3s to your iTunes.  Then select the album in the player, make sure it is ordered by track number, and choose “Burn to Disk.”  In iTunes, you’re asked if you want an audio CD.