European prepaid sales and reservations

Committee members and their friends will be at the following singings with books:

  • Durham, UK: United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention, September 14-15
  • Warsaw, Poland: Poland Sacred Harp Convention, September 21-22

If you would like to pay for a book via credit card or reserve a book, please start by filling out THIS FORM if you have not already done so. To pay, click on the button below. If you would like to reserve a book without paying, you just need to fill out the form. Cash sales are $26, 20 EUR, or 17 GBP.

Shenandoah Harmony prepaid sale, $26, Europe only  

Prepaid sales will receive priority over unpaid book reservations, as long as payment is made at least a week before the scheduled event.  You will be charged the equivalent of $26 in your currency.

About Rachel Wells Hall

Rachel grew up in a family of folk musicians. She first sang shape note music with her mother in the late 1980s in Cincinnati, Ohio, and returned to singing in Philadelphia in 2009. In addition to singing, Rachel plays English concertina, diatonic accordion, piano, fiddle, and tabla. She is an associate professor of mathematics at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.
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