Thank you so much to everyone who sang at our launch weekends!  After whirlwind tours to Seattle, Ohio, North Carolina, Ireland, and Massachusetts, we’re well on our way to selling out the first printing of the book (currently, we’ve got less than 270 on hand).  We’ve decided to reprint soon, as we’ve got our first all-day coming up in June.

This is where you all come in…  We’ve noticed a few mistakes that we’d like to correct in the second printing.  The good news is that these are mostly either cosmetic or in the song and text attributions – only a couple of typos have been found in songs so far.  If you see something that doesn’t look right, please check our ONLINE ERRATA LIST to see if it’s there.  If not, please email and we’ll check it out.  The deadline for errata submissions is March 25th MARCH 23rd.  Thank you!