Kevin Griffin Moreno

May 25 at 12:54pm

Since some folks have been asking, here is info about the inaugural “Shape Note Stories” event that will take place at the social on June 4 in the evening.

We are inviting folks to share short narratives that illuminate their experience with the shape note singing tradition. Four featured storytellers will kick things off with 5-7-minute anecdotes. After that, we’ll open up the floor to 3-5-min. stories from whoever has a tale to share. The storytelling will end promptly after 90 mins., but folks should of course feel free to continue trading tales around the fire.

Don’t be shy about telling a story! If you’re a shape note singer, then you have at least one story to offer, regardless of how new or experienced you are. Here are some tips to get you started.

– Each story should focus on a particular shape note-related memory or narrative.

– Sample prompts: talk about a memorable person you have met through this tradition; describe a singing-related road trip; talk about how a particular song has affected your life.

– Your story can be humorous, touching, inspiring, or some combination thereof.

– It’s not a testimonial, treatise, disquisition, manifesto, or memorial lesson. Keep it personal and intimate, even if you’re talking about someone else.

– Have fun with it!

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this post or DM me. I look forward to hearing your stories! kmoreno at gmail dot com