Baltimore-Washington All-Day 2016 Recordings

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The Baltimore-Washington All-Day, October 1, 2016.

Potomac River Convention 2016 Recordings

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Singing at the Potomac River Convention, The Grange, Great Falls, Virginia, April 3, 2016

NSV All-Day 2014 Recordings

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Northern Shenandoah Valley All-Day Singing, June 1, 2014

Lehigh All-Day 2013 Recordings

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Recordings from the Lehigh Valley All-Day Singing 2013

Holyoke Range All-Day 2014 Recordings

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We had a wonderful time singing in Massachusetts on Saturday, May 3.  Thanks to everyone involved, and, in particular, Cheri Hardy for chairing the singing and the Western Massachusetts community for your warm hospitality! Minutes for the singing…

Story telling event at NSV double all day

Kevin Griffin Moreno May 25 at 12:54pm Since some folks have been asking, here is info about the inaugural "Shape Note Stories" event that will take place at the social on June 4 in…

Questioning the Unanswered Cadence

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There's sometimes an audible gasp from the class after singing REDEEMING GRACE, THE HUMBLE PENITENT, or Allison Blake Steel's arrangement of HICKS' FAREWELL. Why the surprise?