Potomac River Convention 2018 Recordings...

Apr 28, 2018 by

Download Download (PRC 2018 AM 1.zip, ZIP, 67.46MB) Download (PRC 2018 AM 2.zip, ZIP, 61.55MB) Download (PRC 2018 PM 1.zip, ZIP, 70.11MB) Download (PRC 2018 PM 2.zip, ZIP, 62.76MB) Stream ShH 147 River of Jordan (Matt Roberts)ShH 1b Rockbridge (Corinne Ducey)ShH 78 Stafford (Tom Ivey)ShH 60t Versailles (Mary Ann Daly)ShH 236t Wantage (Dean Jens)ShH 266 Austria (Kathy Manning)ShH 452 Solitude (John delRe)ShH 260b Bowen (Mary De Nys)ShH 65t Salem (Topher Lawton)ShH 191 Richmond (Sharon Strong)ShH 432t New Monmouth (Ben Hartland)ShH 167 Bondage (Kelly Macklin)ShH 198 Newport (Graham DeZarn)ShH 242 Boulder (Alexa Silverman)ShH 251 Jordan's Shore (Steven Sabol)ShH 248b Triumph (Becky Wright)ShH 87 Babylonian Captivity (Tim Slattery)ShH 170 Amboy (Erin Kelly)ShH 260t Conflict (Jim Glaser)ShH 384 Agatite (Brenda Dunlap)ShH 140b Ten Thousand Charms (Richard Green)ShH 264t Animation (Julia Seidenstein)ShH 16 Martial Trumpet (Joshua Barnett)ShH 338...

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Download the demo Shenandoah packet...

Apr 29, 2012 by

Here is our 84-page preview of the Shenandoah Harmony.  We sang from it at the NSV All-Day Singing in Millwood, Virginia, June 3, 2012. You are welcome to make multiple paper copies of this packet.  However, please do not post it on a web site. Questions?  Please read my post explaining our editorial policy. If you’re planning to view this on a tablet or phone, you’ll probably prefer the ebook version. Download (ShenandoahHarmonyPreview.pdf, PDF,...

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Index To Recordings

Feb 3, 2018 by

Links to recordings of all-day singings

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The (in)Complete Recordings

May 15, 2014 by

Here are over 450 recordings to help you learn songs from The Shenandoah Harmony. To download a song, click to start it playing and then click “Download.”

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Selected Small-Group Recordings...

Feb 10, 2018 by

Scroll to the bottom for downloads. ShH 124 Gone To RestShH 125 IslingtonShH 352 CumberlandShH 308 Pastoral ElegyShH 350 GardinerShH 333 True HappinessShH 332 Bonnie DoonShH 386 GeorgiaShH 173 Jacobs WellShH 320 WellingtonShH 252 New BethlehemShH 259 MecklinburgShH 061 WabashShH 050 FrewsburghShH 149 ReflectionShH 154 VenusShH 160 AdmirationShH 206 Experience (small group)ShH 414t CondescensionShH 009b Isle of WightShH 060t Versailles - shapesShH 060t Versailles - wordsShH 193 Solitude in the GroveShH 065b I Love the Holy Son of GodShH 134b LamentationShH 088 WarwickShH 068 WardShH 028t Heavenly DoveShH 024b HappinessShH 018t CanaanShH 007t SupplicationShH 006t AsburyShH 330t Day of JudgmentShH 457 RedemptionShH 041 The FlowerShH 024b HappinessShH 150 TempletonShH 300b LivoniaShH 200 AttentionShH 382 GraftonShH 151 ThornShH 087 Babylonian CaptivityShH 340t PrincetonShH 108 Amazing GraceShH 152 The Royal ProclamationShH 414t CondescensionShH 113 Sweet HarmonyShH...

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Download the (in)Complete Recordings...

Sep 15, 2014 by

We’ve had a number of requests for a way to download all the recordings from our (in)complete recordings playlists. Here goes… Just a warning – as of February 13, 2018 we have 467 songs in the playlist, for a total of around 3 GB.

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