Third-printing books have “Third printing, 2014, with corrections (see page 467)” on the copyright page and do not need to be corrected.

Errata in the First Printing (see also second printing and attributions errata below)

The most crucial correction is to page 247 CRUMBLY, where the repeat should go to “O, for soul-converting power” with no loss of time, as in this VIDEO. To be safe, you could omit the repeat when leading the song.  Here’s what a corrected book should look like (click to enlarge):


Here are the rest:

107 EXALTED HOPE: Verse 2 should read “bear their spirits.”

137 TO THAT LAND: Change the bass in the fourth measure before the end to match the dotted rhythm of the other parts.


259 MECKLINBURG: Bass, 3rd-to-last meas., last note, is 7-sol (F).


374t: MARTYRS: Change the tenor in the next-to-last measure to:


395 CAMDEN: Add a low chooser to the tenor, measure 3, like this:


429 SYMYADDA: Label the bottom part “AIR.”

443t CRUCIFIXION (Saw ye my Savior): Cross out the alto slur in measure 3.

We have added subtitles to 136 Perfect Love (My Trust), 326 No Abiding City (Eureka), 363 Constrained by Love (Teacher’s Farewell), and 441 Beside the Gospel Pool (Evening Hymn), and changed the indices to reflect this.  Click HERE for updated indices.

Errata in the First and Second Printings

Second-printing books have “Second printing, 2013, with corrections (see page 467)” on the copyright page.

193 SOLITUDE IN THE GROVE: Add high treble choosers in measures 7 and 15, like this:

Measure 7 solitude1 and       Measure 15: solitude2

205 MARION: Tenor on second line “long as I live” should be:


326t WE’VE NO ABIDING CITY HERE: Bass, second measure before the end, should be:


14 MISSIONARY’S FAREWELL and 253 MY NATIVE LAND: Change “heathen” to “distant.”

Errata in Song and Text Attributions

The lists of changed SONG and TEXT attributions are longer (click to view).  The most common change is that quite a few songs that were listed as compositions are actually arrangements of melodies that appear in previous publications or manuscripts, so “arr.” has been added. We thank Nikos Pappas, John Martin, Warren Steel, and Nym Cooke for their assistance.