The (in)Complete Recordings

May 15, 2014 by

Here are over 300 recordings to help you learn songs from The Shenandoah Harmony. To download a song, click to start it playing and then click “Download.”

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Holyoke Range All-Day Singing ...

May 12, 2014 by

We had a wonderful time singing in Massachusetts on Saturday, May 3.  Thanks to everyone involved, and, in particular, Cheri Hardy...

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Questioning the Unanswered Cad...

Mar 29, 2014 by

There’s sometimes an audible gasp from the class after singing REDEEMING GRACE, THE HUMBLE PENITENT, or Allison Blake Steel’s arrangement of HICKS’ FAREWELL. Why the surprise?

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Consolation New

May 17, 2014 by

The song Consolation New appears on page 143 of The Shenandoah Harmony.  Although it was first published in Harrisburg, Pa. in 1813,...

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Barring It All, Part 1

Feb 18, 2014 by

Thanks to some perceptive comments on fasola-songwriters and elsewhere, I’m going to revisit my previous post on rhythm and...

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Meter, Rhythm, and the Most Aw...

Feb 7, 2014 by

Here’s a sequel to my previous post on tune families.  After reading Charles Seeger’s article ”Versions and...

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